Thursday, 2 September 2010

A Cinematic World? On Jean Baudrillard and Film Studies

Image from Stop-Loss (Kimberly Peirce, 2008). Read Kim Toffoletti and Victoria Grace, 'Terminal Indifference: The Hollywood War Film Post-September 11', which treats this and other contemporary war films.

We are no longer the actors of the real but the double agents of the virtual.
Jean Baudrillard, Fragments: Cool Memories III (New York: Verso, 1997):125

On the occasion of an excellent new issue of online journal Film-Philosophy on "Baudrillard and Film-Philosophy" (Vol 14, No 2, 2010), Film Studies For Free is proud to present a long list of links to openly accessible Baudrillardian film studies. These are set out below the embedded video of the late Baudrillard in action himself. This list incorporates links to the FP articles.

It's so nice to have things in a simulacrum of one tidy place, FSFF thinks. And it hopes you will agree.

Jean Baudrillard thinking and talking about the violence of the image, the violence to the image, aggression, oppression, transgression, regression, effects and causes of violence, violence of the virtual, 3d, virtual reality, transparency, psychological and imaginary. Open Lecture given by Jean Baudrillard after his seminar for the students at the European Graduate School, EGS Media and Communication Program Studies Department, Saas-Fee, Switzerland, Europe, in 2004

By Jean Baudrillard

Engaging with Baudrillard's work:

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