Monday, 8 February 2010

For the Love of Film

Some of Film Studies For Free's favourite bloggers, the Self-Styled Siren of the eponymous blog and Marilyn Ferdinand of the wonderful Ferdy on Film (along with Greg Ferrara of the ever so stylish Cinema Styles) have been involved in launching and whipping up deserved support for a Film Preservation Blogathon' aptly titled 'For the Love of Film'.

It will begin next Sunday, on Valentine's Day appropriately. And the idea is for as many people as possible to join in, either with relevant posts on their blogs and/or by reading said posts and contributing financially to the cause of film preservation.

Here's what the Siren has to say:
The fine folks at the National Film Preservation Foundation have really gotten into the spirit, lending us photos and clips from films that their efforts have saved. Do have a look. And they have also arranged for a DVD giveaway, to be distributed after the blogathon via a drawing from those who have contributed to the fund.
     Because of course, the important part is to contribute to the NFPF. Film preservation is an extremely expensive process, and our goal this Valentine's Week is to help along their good work with as much money as we can give. The link to their donation page is right here.
     If everyone who visits these blogs the week of February 14th kicks something, anything, into the kitty, we could be responsible for saving even more films. And wouldn't that be much, much better than the usual run of sad bonbons and wilted bouquets this time of year?
Now FSFF appreciates sad bonbons and wilted bouquets as much as the next sappy blog, but this is a worthy cause indeed! Do visit the Siren's website to see which topics have been proposed so far (including one by the very blog you are currently reading...). Those of you on Facebook can check out the Blogathon's activities there, too.

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