Tuesday, 21 October 2008

New Links to Free Film Studies E-books

Thanks to some rifling around at the great UPenn.edu search tool The Online Books Page, the always bountiful Film Studies For Free can now proudly present you with some wonderful new links to the following, online and freely accessible, Film Studies E-books (most of these 'scholarship editions' were made available online by the mighty University of California Press - thank you UC!):

These join Film Studies For Free's existing links to the following great books:

Happy E-reading, folks!

[Addendum - at 16.43: An old friend from my early Kent days, Dr David Sorfa [now Managing Editor of the peerless (...but peer-reviewed!) Open-Access journal Film-Philosophy, and Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at Liverpool John Moores University], got in touch with two further and very welcome additions to the E-books list. Both these classics are offered up courtesy of the Centre for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan:

Díky moc / Arigatou gozaimasu / Thank you very much!]


John Mark Ockerbloom said...

Thanks for this post. The Online Books Page's subject map for books about film is here.

I'm very happy to add more material. I've gone ahead and added the free online books you mention in this post that I didn't already have listed. If there are other free online books or serials that I should list, I encourage folks to use my submission form to suggest them.

Catherine Grant said...

Thanks a lot for this direct link, John. I promise to use your submission form next time I come across more film e-books, and I encourage others to do so, too. The Online Book Page is a great resource.