Thursday 4 September 2008

Free podcasts (and video podcasts/webcasts) of film-scholarly note

Film Studies For Free now has a listing of links to free podcasts (and video podcasts/webcasts) of film-scholarly note. It is currently headed by a link to the podcast page of the website feminism 3.0 (also accessible via the blog New Research in Feminist Media Art/Theory/History) run by my friend Vicki Callahan of the University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee). The podcast currently posted is of an interview with the media artist Cecelia Condit in which she discusses her work. Some of Condit's video work is posted to her website. A nice Afterimage article about Condit's work, by Kelly Mink (Jan-Feb., 1998), is available HERE.

I've also posted a link to the hugely rich Tate Galleries listing of podcasts. Film-scholarly related highlights on this enormous listing include a podcast of the Tate Modern event 25-11-2007 Film Synergies which discussed the practice of Latin-American film co-production with Europe, which became widespread in the 1990s. The event included the screening of the 46-minute documentary Latin America in Co-production (Libia Villazana, UK/Peru 2007), which explores the mechanisms of this practice.

There's a podcast of the Tate Modern event 22-07-2007 Patrick Keiller in which Keiller presents and discusses material from Londres, Bombay (2006), his multi-screen video reconstruction of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus) in Mumbai.

There's a podcast of the Tate Modern event 16-06-2007 Surrealism and Film: Study Day, held on the occasion of that gallery's major exhibition 'Dalí & Film', which explored the work of Salvador Dalí in relation to the wider links between surrealism and film.

There's a podcast of the Tate Modern event 24-02-2007 Robert Beavers, about the season dedicated to this American film artist's work.

And there's a whole host of great podcasts on animation (beginning with this one) drawing on the three-day international conference at the Tate Modern 02-03-2007 Pervasive Animation which united speakers from a wide range of research agendas and creative practices, and thus facilitated 'much-needed dialogue centred on the ubiquitous and interdisciplinary nature of animation, its potentially radical future development, and its ethical responsibilities for spatial politics in moving image culture.'

Any suggestions of further links to good film-related podcasts (and video podcasts/webcasts) from FSFF's readers would be most welcome.


Catherine Grant said...

Whoops. An important podcast on the Tate website passed me by earlier, one of a talk given by my former colleague, Dr Peter Stanfield of Film Studies at the University of Kent. The talk, entitled 'Lawrence Alloway’s Pop Art Film Criticism and its Place in British Film Studies' was given at the Tate Modern on 23 March 2007as part of the symposium 'In Between Concept, Practice and Discipline: The Legacy of the Independent Group'. The podcast can be found at the following URL:

Catherine Grant said...

Apologies but, for some reason, the full URL didn't appear in my earlier comment so I'll post a link in the FSFF's listing of Podcasts.

Catherine Grant said...

I've just added a few more great links to the podcast listing (including wonderful podcasts by Robert Stam, Adrian Martin, and Tamar Jeffers McDonald [the latter a friend and former colleague at the University of Kent]), so best to check out the full list.

HarryTuttle said...

I think you need to change or add a "word-wrap" parameter for your comments format in the HTML/CSS code of your blog layout. ;)

It's better to embbed URLs inside a clickable link ("anchor" tag)

Catherine Grant said...

Thanks a lot for this, Harry. I have been having a few small technical problems (including today finding that none of the Tate Galleries' links were working - so I'll keep having to check those out. But I'll do as you advise as far as the comments formatting goes.

As you will see I have added a few more podcast/video/webcast links in my posting today.
Best as always,